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Come Fang Out! Halloween 2017 event was a huge success! Thank you to all who helped out and all who visited!


Wisconsin Regional Fun With Flags Unity Event Guidelines (pt. 1)

Setup: Each Area has received a flag to be decorated. Each Area that chooses to participate, will provide the Wisconsin Regional Activities Chair with a picture of the decorated flag.

Then each Area will choose a group of meetings in your Area to host the flag and plan the first meeting to receive your Area’s flag.

*Please don’t get held up on this piece. Multiple meetings will have the chance to host a flag.

Guidelines to Setting Up F.W.F.: Put flag in the trust of the first meeting on your Area’s list of flag-holders. (It is suggested that the flag then live with the group’s materials until it is captured, so we limit the chances of losing the flags)

Inform the Wisconsin Region’s Activities Chair of the meeting name and location of your area’s flag through email or text.

Wisconsin Region’s Activities Chair will then put together a list of all the meetings that hold a flag and what Area they represent. They will then disperse the list in whatever format okayed by Wisconsin Regional Service Conference.

How Does My Area Capture Flags?

Get yourself and three other addicts (from your home Area) into a car, bus, or train, and travel to a meeting where another Area is holding their flag. Upon arrival, we encourage you to fellowship, talk with new people, exchange phone numbers, and enjoy a wonderful meeting. After the meeting, request the peaceful transfer of the flag, and then return home safely.

What if There is More Than One Area at a Meeting Trying to Capture a Flag?

It may sound harsh, but we must have a tie breaker. Which ever area has the newest newcomer, captures the contested flag. If a tie exists again, flip a coin. If there is a three-or-more-way tie, then the flag goes with the Area that arrived first. If there is a fifteen-way tie, then please trade numbers and celebrate with a group photo!

Remember, it is suggested that we work an honest program, so no cheating. This flag business is merely a way to spread unity across the state and to remind us that recovery happens everywhere in the state, not just within our Area.

What Do We Do When We Have More Than One Flags?

Remember that list of groups your Area made for meetings to hold flags? Now, refer to your Area’s list of flag-holder meetings and send the flag to the next meeting. Inform the WRSC Activities Chair through email or text of the location, and what Area’s flag you obtained.

*No two flags may live in the same meeting. This is intended to promote diversity of what meetings are attended.

What Do We Do If We have More Questions???

Contact your Regional Activities Subcommittee Chair

Current Chair: Jon S. 262-312-0481

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